Friday, January 19, 2007

Lasagna, Anyone?

I actually had 30 minutes free yesterday to leave the office and go get lunch. I walked over to 7th avenue to the local Korean Deli for my usual shaker salad. On my way back to the office, I passed the local Pizzeria. They had a sign, prominently displayed in the front window that read, "We made a FRESH batch of Lasagna today!" As I'm approaching, there is a homeless man in his filthy, tattered shrouds staggering and swaying in front of their open door.

Suddenly, he throws his arms up into the air, holding them up in that position and screams out loud, " Yeaaaaah???? Well.... I..... made.... a.... really FRESH crap today. Wanna see it???" He then turned around, and tried to pull his pants down but they got stuck at the waist. Struggling to get them down, he then reached in towards the backside and started grabbing himself.

Thankfully, a cop was coming towards him. I didn't need to watch anymore. After all, I still had to eat my lunch.

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