Tuesday, May 1, 2007


So my administrative assistant, Irene, was telling me that the building where she lives in Queens was sold and she has a month to look for a new apartment. So we were talking about different neighborhoods that she would and would not consider. I mentioned an area around Bed-Stuy which is transitioning into a better neighborhood, but in some places it's still block-by-block as far as safety.

She shocked me and said (in her very endearing Queens Latina accent) "Oh, hell no! I ain't going in that neighborhood. It's full o' Chickenheads."

I was confused. I thought I misheard. I asked, "Chickenheads?"

She was quick to reply, "Yeah. Full of them. My sista was tellin' me they everywhere in that neighborhood. I ain't movin' in near a buncha Chickenheads."

Realizing that she didn't understand my lack of comprehension of this term, I spelled it out this time. "What's a Chickenhead?"

She said, "You know... Chickenhead. They're, like, those girls who'll run around and do anything with anyone, just to pass some time? Like, you know, suck them off or something??"

I was taken aback. I still had no idea why the term Chickenhead. So, confused, I pushed it. I asked her, "So they're sluts. Why call them Chickenheads?"

At that point, she smiled, looked at me as if asking for permission. Obviously, I granted it because she then grasped her hand, as if around--uh-- a microphone, and the bobbing her head front-to-back-to-front (like a pecking Chicken) began to "give head" to this fake, air-"microphone" as she said, "You know, Doc. CHICKENHEAD????"

I got it. And snorted my diet Pepsi out my nostrils.