Monday, August 20, 2007

Overheard in NYC...

...walking home from the Gym this morning, there were two "Hoochie Mama" types walking in too-tight clothes that didn't cover enough of ANYTHING, if you catch my drift... says to the other, "That girl be so mad, she gone out and got her that cow disease, oh-KAY?!"

Thank GOD, they know the perils of Mad Cow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Room for Cream?"

So I go to this amazing coffee house around the corner from my office called Cafe Grumpy. They brew the most amazing single-cup brews of organic, locally-farmed coffee you'll ever have. But more on that another time, if you're interested.

Every time someone gets a cup of coffee, before they completely fill the cup, they ask, "Room for Cream?" Which is odd, considering that a) this is Chelsea- The Gay Ghetto- where everyone is low-carbing and watching the fat content of everything... everyone wants things to be low-fat or non-fat, and also b) most people (when they ask) say, "Would you like room for MILK?"

So, I'm standing there, ordering a cup of Columbian coffee this morning. Before me, a very tall, very dark-skinned Black man ordered (ironically enough) a cup of Ethiopian coffee. He kept looking at me and I couldn't tell if he was cruising me or just being a creep. When the Barista (i.e., girl who works in a coffee shop) was getting ready to pour him his coffee she said, "...and will there be any room for cream in the Ethiopian?" To which the Black man, in a very thick African accent replied, "There is always room for cream in this Ethiopian." And wth that, he turned to me, winked and flashed a pearly white smile that shocked me like a strobe-light.

I threw-up a little in my mouth.